The Greens Café is one of the most preferred Ettalong cafe for tourists and locals in Ettalong beach. What makes it more special is that it is a part of the Ettalong Bowling Club. If you want to have a cup of coffee, munch over a snack, or just need to have light breakfast or dinner, The Greens Café is certainly one of the best places to be, not just in the club, but all along Ettalong.There are many food items to choose from the menu, and some of these are also available on our website. The Greens Café has the Weekend Big Breakfast on their menu, which is one of the members’ favourites.

Ettalong Cafe

Adding to other items on the menu are Mexican Melt, Mexican Burger, Jalapeno Chicken Winds, Chocolate cake and coffee. It is great for dessert and also makes a great snack for anyone who has a sweet tooth. Mexican Melt is also a favourite for most customers.

The Greens Café has an excellent café ambiance, and its shore-based location makes it a great place for coffee or a small snack. Most club members get together here for a chat or when they take a break in between leisure activities.

The Greens Café is always a favourite for the club members and tourists at Ettalong beach and it is also quite famous in the region. Our cafe Ettalong has a lot of good reviews on the internet and it is also a famous place for food bloggers. The Green’s Café has some of the best Australian food on the menu and it is a must visit for all the members of the club. Sometimes, there might also be offers and discounts for club members, so be sure to check them.



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