Apart from bowling and other leisure events, Ettalong Bowling Club is also one of the affordable places that provide entertainment in Ettalong. Many events will take place on specific days, but there’s more during the weekends and holidays.

In the month of November and December, the Ettalong Bowling Club conducts Sunday Sessions on the Greens every Sunday. This takes place from 2-5 PM and there is breakfast available throughout the day. Participants also get to enjoy some barefoot bowling action.
Most of the entertainment here includes concerts and parties. Ettalong Bowling Club hosts many events often, so our members remain entertained throughout the year. Events are also held in restaurants and café.
The event management team at Ettalong Bowling Club conducts events and the schedule is posted and updated on the website, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. The best bands and DJs will always be available to entertain the club members. The team is constantly planning hold many events to bring a holiday mood to the club members.
Ettalong Bowling Club also has a special auditorium dedicated to events and there will be rock and roll bands performing on Sundays. Apart from these mainstream events, Ettalong Bowling Club also conducts other games and events which let club members win prizes and bounties. Considering that entertainment Ettalong is also a part of leisure, our club ensures your stay is more fun and enjoyable..

Live Entertainment every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

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